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Quality Electric Heating Choices for Home, Flat, Office, Upgrades & Conservatory & Low Surface Temperature Radiators for special situations

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Popular ‘Smooth Heat Release’ Radiator Choices

Electric ‘Water Filled’ Smooth Release Radiators – hand built in the UK, and proven over many years. Electrically driven and look and perform in the same familiar way as a conventional ‘wet system’ radiator with no pumps, plumbing or a boiler to maintain. Simple to install & supplied with 1.5 m cable, plug & wall mounts

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Electrically driven, giving the familiar constant warmth, comfort and performance of traditional ‘warm water’ radiators, with no unpleasant over dry or scorched air from the exposed to air heating elements in cheaply made panel electric radiators

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JAWO ‘Solid State’ Smooth Release Electric Radiators * New 2018 Range* – German Quality, highly attractive electric heating, providing high comfort ‘smooth release’ warmth using internal heat retaining thermal tablets instead of water, making them ‘solid state’. Integral LCD Digital Room Heating Programmer

Standard, Low Profile & Upright Radiators. Wall mounted or Stands / Castors

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Electric Water Filled Radiators – UK built Electric ‘Water Filled’ Radiators. Home, Flat, Upgrades, Office, Conservatory

Electric Conservatory Heating Radiators – Attractive Standard or Low Profile Radiators suitable for mounting in Conservatories

Premium JAWO Electric Radiators –  Integrated LCD Programmer, Standard, Low Profile & Upright Radiators

E-V-O Premium Electric Heating – High Specification Electric Heating Radiators – please enquire

Special Situation Electric Radiators

Low Surface Temperature, LST Radiators – For situations where vulnerable people are present – Care Homes, Surgeries, Hospitals, Libraries, Waiting Rooms, Nurseries

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Formed in 2006 Elite Heaters specialises in supplying high quality, attractive & efficient electric heating radiators

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