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Independent Electric 'Water Filled' Radiators 

Independent Water Filled Electric Radiators

Independent Water Filled Electric Radiators  are manufactured in the UK. They use the familiar circulated warm water radiator design, which is the heating solution of choice for most domestic central heating systems in the UK. The integral electric 'mini heat flow pump' warms the water inside the unit, and circulates the heated water around the double panelled radiator. The built in air thermostat intelligently senses the temperature and the unit responds accordingly. 

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Whether you require whole house or flat heating, replacements for obsolete night storage heaters, need an extension, office or conservatory radiator, or just want to warm that awkward cold spot, Independent Water Filled Electric Radiators will provide you with a high quality, fully controllable electric heating solution at a sensible price. Just plug in or spur wire. 30cm, 40cm and 60 cm high models to fit most heating situations. 0.9 - 2.0 kW.

Two Control Versions are Available  - 'RFC', used with the 'RFC' Digital Programmer, and 'ITC' 24 Hour On / Off Timer & Thermostat

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Premium Electric Extension & Conservatory Heating Radiators

When adding a new Extension, Office, or Conservatory, you may not want pipework to the new room, or your boiler capacity may be marginal. 

Use quality Independent Water Filled Electric Radiator Units - which operate just like a standard central heating radiator - without any pipework !

The unobtrusive low profile 30cm and 40cm high radiator versions are especially useful for mounting onto conservatory dwarf walls. 

Manual Timer and Wireless Remote Control Versions 

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Quality Electric Conservatory Radiators   -   30 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm High Versions

Low Surface Temperature ( LST ) Electric Radiator Ranges 

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

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  • Special purpose  Low Surface Temperature Radiators  are suitable for electric heating situations where vulnerable people may be present, such as Schools, Surgeries, Nurseries and Care Homes. Low surface temperature radiators are compliant with the Department of Health guideline of 43 degree C maximum surface temperature. 

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Digital Wireless Control Panel Heating

Standard 'Dove White' or Attractive 'Stainless Steel' Finish Options

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Full Digital Wireless Remote Electric Heating Control Choices

EHLTR 500 - High Output 500 Watt Heated Ladder Towel Rail

Also Suitable to Heat a room Up To Approx 15 m3

Advantages of Using Modern Smooth Release Electric Heating Radiators

The advanced 'smooth heat release' of the Electric 'Water Filled' Radiator Units  means your radiators are always warm when in operation - just like those in a standard plumbed 'wet' central heating system. The radiators will also adjust automatically to draw only the energy required to maintain your desired set room temperature. 'Heat retaining' radiators will efficiently maintain the vitally important 'convection current' within the room - recycling your existing warmth as it naturally rises to ceiling height back down to floor level again - where it is most useful.

Efficient Heat Circulation

With our modern digital clock thermostat control options you can easily choose between your 'comfort' setting temperature times of around 20 - 21 degrees C for the period your rooms are occupied, and also an economical 'set back' lower ECO setting for the period your rooms are unoccupied when you are out, away at work, or at night times. (around 15 degrees C is a good 'ECO temperature' point)

You will use only a small amount of energy to maintain the 'lower ECO set temperature', and most importantly your living space will not have cooled down completely. Early in the morning, and in the evenings when returning home, have your digital controller set to return to your 'comfort temperature' and your rooms will be warm again very quickly.

'Smooth Release' radiators are constructed for 'non stop' operation which does not influence their very long lifespan. During their operation the power supply is interupted many times an hour. The distribution of heat into your room is not affected by this due to the advanced 'smooth release system' of the radiators. Low maintenance costs - no pipes, pumps, plumbing, flues or boiler to service annually.

Energy Saving Heating Program & Control Choices

Manual Daily Timer Independent Water Filled Radiators      

  • Wireless 'RFC' Digital Remote Controllers are all battery operated (2 x AA). No intrusive wall wiring is required, as the RFC controller will manage your temperature and time requirements using a coded radio communication link with the radiator(s). Each RFC controller can manage a 'group' of radiators for the same temperatures and times. Additional RFC controllers can be used to create 'zones'  e.g. - living areas and bedrooms. Comfort and ECO settings.  Independent Water Filled Electric Radiators - Digital Control  
  • Manual Daily 'ITC' Time Control provides an easy to use daily 24 hour time control. Either 'on' or 'off' in 15 minute setting intervals with the clock timer.  Manual Timer Information

All wireless controllers are battery operated and require no additional wall wiring. 

Storage Heater Replacements

All our premium 'smooth release' ranges are highly suitable for replacing storage heaters and other electric heating radiator upgrades. They are all direct acting, so heat is produced quickly and efficiently 'on demand' to your requirement. The electric radiators are totally controllable via the timer and thermostat.

Storage heaters however are generally very poorly controlled, and suffer from heat loss dissipation wasteage throughout the daytime following their overnight charge. Their remaining heat then still needs to be supplemented later in the same day by direct acting heating, which increases the total cost. e.g. night time full heat charge + additional next day peak top up. In milder weather conditions any storage heater overcharge also means energy has again be wasted.  

How to Heat Properly

When a room has cooled out over a few days any form of heating will take several hours to reach a comfortable temperature again.

Heat the rooms you spend most of your time in continuously

With our modern wireless digital clock thermostat control options you can easily choose between a 'comfort' temperature setting of around 20 - 21 degrees C for the exact period your rooms are occupied, and also a 'set back' lower ECO setting of around 15 degrees C for the period your rooms are unoccupied, or at night time.

This way you use only a small amount of energy overnight - and your living space does not cool down completely. Early in the morning, and in the evenings when returning home, have your controller set to return to 'comfort' and your rooms will be warm again very quickly.

'Smooth Release' radiators are constructed for 'non stop' operation which does not influence their very long lifespan. During their operation the power supply is interupted many times an hour. The distribution of heat into your room is not affected by this due to the advanced 'smooth release system' of the radiators.

  • Most electric radiators can be connected easily to a regular earthed constant supply 230 volt / 13 amp power outlet. 
  • For larger installations use a separate power supply ring for some or all of your radiators. 
  • The ideal situation for a radiator is under the window on an outside wall, as this eliminates the possibility of draughts, and also gives the correct and even room air circulation. 
  • A minimum distance of 8 - 10 cm from the floor to the lower edge of the radiator is required to ensure good air circulation. 
  • Installation on an inside wall is also possible but may result in uneven room air circulation. 
  • The radiator will reach a safety maximum of 70 degrees C. (LST radiators 43 degrees C max) Do not cover whilst in operation. 
  • Electrical supply wiring and any product installation modifications must be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.

Electric Heating Radiator Product Selector

Please read our  Customer Feedback and Comments Page  for customer experience reviews of all our electric radiator ranges shown below

Independent Electric 'Water Filled' Radiators 

 Elite Heaters Composite

Attractive Electric Conservatory HeatingModern Attractive Panel HeatingModern Attractive Panel Heating

            Attractive Low Profile Electric Conservatory Heating Radiators                                     Wireless Digital Control Panel & Convector Heating 

Special Purpose Low Surface Temperature Electric RadiatorsSpecial Purpose Low Surface Temperature Electric Radiators

           Special Purpose Low Surface Temperature Radiators 

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WEEE Waste Directive Compliance

Elite Heaters is a member of the Valpak WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme.

Our WEEE recycling obligations from July 1st 2007 are provided by the Valpak Distributor Take Back Scheme.

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